SKVotes 2011

I spent ten hours at a poll yesterday, under the ‘radio silence’ required by law. The vote counting took awhile, and when I stepped outside, flipped on my phone, and searched for the election results I was pretty stunned. Not because the SaskParty won and the NDP lost, but because of where the SaskParty won […]

Dead Grits!

Two years ago, I began speculating about the political prospectives of the Saskatchewan Liberal Party. I spent a lot of time looking at polling numbers and historical performance, and in the end I went ahead and predicted a gloomy result for that party in the 2011 provincial election: less than 5% of the popular vote. […]

Dead Grits – Federal Election Edition – Part Two

After reading some interesting information about party performances over at Pundits Guide, I thought I’d make a short addendum to my brief analysis of the performance of the Liberals in Saskatchewan. As Alice Funke describes, this was a tremendous showing for NDP candidates surpassing the 10% rebate requirement*, with over 300 NDP candidates getting at […]

Dead Grits – Federal Election Edition

[updated for spelling – HT Margaret] Monday saw the worst performance of the Liberal Party of Canada in its long history, both in terms of seats won and the popular vote. But how did they do in Saskatchewan, you must be salivating to know. Well, let’s have a look: They re-elected Ralph Goodale, keeping their 1 […]

Focus on the North

The riding of Desnethé—Missinippi—Churchill River covers the entire northern half of the province of Saskatchewan, an area of nearly 350,000 square kilometres, but with a population of just 68,000 people. The southern most part of this riding is primarily agricultural land. The largest urban areas are the city of Meadow Lake, and the towns of Spiritwood, La Ronge, and […]