Rebuild our Playgrounds

It’s time for the City of Saskatoon to pay for new playgrounds. Many neighbourhoods in Ward 9 are facing the challenge of replacing outdated play structures in their parks and schoolyards. In Rosewood, the new schools will open next year without playgrounds. In Lakeridge, the community is now trying to fundraise for a second needed playground […]

At the Doorstep: One Dark Park

Tonight the sun set around 8:20pm. The sky is slightly overcast, so by 9:00pm Crocus Park was cloaked in darkness. Crocus Park does not have any lighting along its walkways. A number of people living adjacent to the park have told me that they avoid the park at night because it is too dark. Lakeridge Community […]

At the Doorstep: Parks and Playgrounds

We must renew our playgrounds and parks. Last week, the StarPhoenix reported on the stark level of deterioration of the City’s playground structures:  44% are deemed to be in poor or very poor condition. Moreover, 57% of our park’s asphalt paths and irrigation systems are in poor or very poor condition. These statistics come from a new City of […]