Telling others

I think I’m rather securely in the camp of people who believe you should wait until after the twelve week mark before telling people about the pregnancy (this blog notwithstanding). This gets a little tricky if you and your wife are known for frequently enjoying a good glass of wine, or two, or more. Especially […]

Now what?

I picked up the major book for expectant fathers, Armin Brott’s the Expectant Father, and so I’ve started to make my way through it. I notice already, however, that there is no philosophical ponderings on what it means to be a father, why anyone might want to become one, or how to reconcile the new role/title of “father” with every other way the reader has previously defined himself. Not that I expected such whimsy, but so little seems to be about the father and so much about how the father can help the mother.


“Oh my God – she’s pregnant!”

It has been less than 48-hours. I have the distinct feeling that whatever “sinking in” needs to happen has barely begun.