The Incalculable Hope & Joy of Not-War

In my previous post, I talked about the possibility of glory in war. I alluded to this being an inherent reality of human nature. At sometime, I’ll have to delve into the concept of the warrior ethos in more detail. But that’s for another time. War can be glorious, yes, at least in parts. But […]

The Glories of War

Remembrance Day: the time of year when we argue about honouring the service of our nation’s soldiers. I’ve written about this before. I figure I’ll write about it every year until I’m gone. In any case – although I tried mightily hard to avoid doing so – here’s this year’s two cents. It isn’t really […]

The Court Martial of Capt Semrau, Part V: Sentences

Word today of Robert Semrau’s much-delayed sentence: reduction in rank (to Second Lieutenant) and dismissal from the Canadian Forces (but not dismissal with disgrace). Semrau has thirty days to appeal, but my guess is he won’t. This sentence is remarkable considering that only a few months ago there was plenty of speculation that Semrau might […]

Bill C-440 Defeated

UPDATED: The recorded votes are now available. Looks like Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff was one of those Liberals who had something better to do when Kennedy’s bill came to a vote. I find this significant because Harper remained for the vote. — Late this afternoon: news that the Bill C-440 was defeated. The bill was […]

Gerard Kennedy’s “Criminals”

I’m unconvinced that Citizenship and Immigration Canada is up to anything devious with the announced of new centralization of military deserter cases, as described in the Globe and Mail yesterday. Nevertheless, I think that MP Gerard Kennedy’s response to the changes gets to the heart of the matter. The G&M quotes Mr. Kennedy as saying […]