Death of a Dad

This past Tuesday (August 18), my father passed away suddenly at the age of 58. The call came at six in the morning. Those calls are never good, I imagine. But it didn’t cross my mind. J and I were on the road before eight, kenneling our puggle for the night and packing for a […]

Names and Pains

J hasn’t been feeling that great these days. Nauseous – but she hasn’t vomited – and loss of appetite. I’m a little worried that she isn’t eating enough, or at least enough different foods (she’s been inhaling soda crackers pretty fast). On the plus side, J and I are getting confident enough about this whole […]

Telling others

I think I’m rather securely in the camp of people who believe you should wait until after the twelve week mark before telling people about the pregnancy (this blog notwithstanding). This gets a little tricky if you and your wife are known for frequently enjoying a good glass of wine, or two, or more. Especially […]