A Year and A Christmas

Li’l A was too li’l back in 2010 to really understand this whole Christmas thing. And, he was still a bit too li’l in 2011 to get very excited about it. But he did pretty well with the unwrapping part: There was a lot of change over the past year. A year ago, Atticus couldn’t even crawl yet! […]

The Worrying

I’d figured the worrying had gone away, more or less. Originally, I’d begun worrying pretty much the moment A was born. The worrying was mostly about how to keep him alive. How to not let him get too cold/hot. How to feed him enough. How prevent him from falling or from things falling on him. […]


There’s an old Bill Cosby routine that begins “My wife and I were intellectuals. . . before we had children.” It’s a funny bit about how intellectuals go to classes to learn how to have natural childbirth. Of course, that how J & I approached the pregnancy. And it’s actually amazing how much I learned. […]

The Child or the Dog

If it’s not one, it’s the other. Lol. Regarding the messy expulsion of fluids that is. A had some immunization shots yesterday. We braced for a difficult night. But he wasn’t too bad actually. Instead, it was retching of Nigel the Puggle that awakened me at two in the morning. Poor dog. Something didn’t sit […]

The First Father’s Day

I realize I’ve been remiss in providing updates to Newdad. As you can imagine, there’s a lot going on right now. Well, here’s a recent photo of A. It’s about three seconds before he started crying, I think. So, yeah, he does look a little sad. But you can see how big he’s getting. J […]