At the Doorstep: What I’ve heard

Over these past months, I’ve talked to thousands of people about dozens of topics.Now, I’ve obviously heard many comments and concerns about the state of our roads. And I’ve heard about street-specific issues of speeding, drainage, and safety. And while these seem like disparate issues, there has been a theme arising. Overwhelmingly I’ve heard from residents that […]

At the Doorstep: One Dark Park

Tonight the sun set around 8:20pm. The sky is slightly overcast, so by 9:00pm Crocus Park was cloaked in darkness. Crocus Park does not have any lighting along its walkways. A number of people living adjacent to the park have told me that they avoid the park at night because it is too dark. Lakeridge Community […]

At the Doorstep: Parks and Playgrounds

We must renew our playgrounds and parks. Last week, the StarPhoenix reported on the stark level of deterioration of the City’s playground structures:  44% are deemed to be in poor or very poor condition. Moreover, 57% of our park’s asphalt paths and irrigation systems are in poor or very poor condition. These statistics come from a new City of […]

At the Doorstep: School Zones

Last night, I met Cam and Debbie, long-time residents of Wildwood, and spoke with them for quite awhile about a variety of issues. They mentioned to me something I’ve heard from other residents in other Ward 9 neighbourhoods: “Why shouldn’t school zones be in effect year-round?” It’s a good question. Other cities have done just that. […]

My Plan

Overview: • Prudent financial management • Prioritize road repair and maintenance • Revitalize greenspaces and playgrounds • Responsive snow clearance • Keep property-tax increases low • Ensure strong community policing • Commit to responsive and accountable representation • Support open-data initiatives • Help our many senior citizens • Improve transportation options Prudent Financial Management & Taxes Saskatoon has an excellent financial track record […]