Two Hundred and Fifty-Six Days

Such a short life might fit into the palm of your hand: warm and weighted like a small furry animal, or, like a sea-shell examined at the edge of the ocean, glistening and clean in the bright sunlight. In its compactness, such a life is almost comprehensible. Almost.

Travelling Through Time

Seeing birth and death so vividly portrayed and distilled into visceral narrative essences while I am still struggling with understanding the recent passing of my father and the imminent arrival of my first-born child left me feeling hopeless and lost in spite of my usual stoic resolution with the universe.

Another Loss

The funeral for my father went well. I was back home for the first night on Sunday night. We got another unexpected shock on Monday morning: My aunt Mavis also had a heart attack and died in Saskatoon.

Death of a Dad

This past Tuesday (August 18), my father passed away suddenly at the age of 58. The call came at six in the morning. Those calls are never good, I imagine. But it didn’t cross my mind. J and I were on the road before eight, kenneling our puggle for the night and packing for a […]