The Great War & Patrolling/Raiding

Our local Military History Bookclub is currently reading the two-volume history of the Canadian Corps in World War I by Tim Cook. We’ll be reviewing the first volume, At the Sharp End, in January. Volume two, Shock Troops, will follow in February. And in an excellent coincidence, author Tim Cook will be visiting the University […]

Travelling Through Time

Seeing birth and death so vividly portrayed and distilled into visceral narrative essences while I am still struggling with understanding the recent passing of my father and the imminent arrival of my first-born child left me feeling hopeless and lost in spite of my usual stoic resolution with the universe.

Sleepwalking Five

Picked up a couple of books at Indigo today with a $25 gift card I had kicking around: The Somnambulist, by Jonathan Barnes, and Slaughterhouse Five, by you know. No, I haven’t yet gotten around to reading this classic. I’m taking it with me to San Francisco. But I’ve already started into the Somnambulist. I […]