The Business of Being Born

This evening, J & I watched the documentary The Business of Being Born. I read a little about the movie at wikipedia before we started it: “The film criticizes the American health care system with its emphasis on drugs and costly interventions and its view of childbirth as a medical emergency rather than a natural […]

The Vaccination-Autism Connection Debate – Part 2

Earlier I discussed my research into the alleged connections between childhood vaccinations and autism. But recently the esteemed medical journal, the Lancet, officially retracted a 1998 article that made the first and only scientific suggestion of such a connection. Forbes magazine is reporting: The Lancet‘s retraction came less than a week after the U.K.’s General […]

TwentyTen & Tylenol Sinus

Happy New Year! I was absorbed in offline seasonal activities for much of the past few weeks – as I hope you were too. But additionally I’ve spent much of 2010 in bed suffering from a cold with greater-than-average resiliency. And although I don’t usually put much faith in cold medicine, today I’ve finally given […]

About a Boy

So if you haven’t figured this out from the blog post title, we are expecting a boy! The latest in 3D Ultrasonic Technology confirms the presence of very tiny testicles. That’s the perfect setup for a punchline about genetics and my masculinity. So let’s just move past it shall we? A boy – but don’t […]


J would like to think this is related to my tendency to wait until the last minute to complete things (but, pray tell, what else is a deadline for?). But I prefer to blame my child-like naïveté (what’s a mitre saw?) regarding hammer-and-saw-type projects.