Information about the certification and registration of service animals:

Under The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code, service animals have special status in Saskatchewan:

“the requirement for accommodation of a service animal only occurs when a person with a disability requires an animal with specialized training to assist that person with a recognized disability.”

However, there is no easy or obvious way for businesses or service providers to quickly determine whether an animal is a legitimately trained service animal.

This has caused confusion, conflicts and legal disputes.

Some people have taken advantage of the situation to avoid paying fees for their pets, and sometimes causing disruptions in businesses.

As more people pretend to be using service animals – especially when those animals lack discipline and training – the overall confidence in the legitimate use of service animals is undermined.


Processes in use in Alberta and British Columbia:

Alberta Service Dog Information

Sample Alberta ID:


British Columbia Service Dog Information

Sample BC ID:


Example of online seller of questionable “service dog certificates”: