Dead Grits!

Two years ago, I began speculating about the political prospectives of the Saskatchewan Liberal Party. I spent a lot of time looking at polling numbers and historical performance, and in the end I went ahead and predicted a gloomy result for that party in the 2011 provincial election: less than 5% of the popular vote. […]

The Eternal Story

This month, the Military History Book Club took a break from established tradition and allowed each member to pick their own different book to read. This was great summertime fun, and I’m very much looking forward to the discussions this evening, hosted by a member in his backyard rather than our usual spelunking┬álocation: the Cave […]

At the Going Down of the Sun

Yesterday, August 9, was National Peacekeepers’ Day. The citizens of Saskatoon honoured the occasion with a memorial service at the cenotaph outside of City Hall. The gathering was small. Several dozen veterans and active service members mingled in the warm evening air, squinting into the still-bright setting sun, before taking their seats at seven o’clock. […]

Crash! Bang! Wallop!

The rain is coming down hard this Thursday morning, puddles forming in the grass and expand steadily. The thunder claps nearby, loud and hard, rattling the glass in the windows, so that even Atticus, normally unmoved to comment upon unseen phenomena, stops his business, forms an “O” with his mouth, “ooooh”s, and points to the […]

Early mornings

I realize I haven’t posted in ages. Whoops. But being a new dad is a busy venture. I began a new job in April – I’m back at the University of Saskatchewan – and I’ve been very focused on learning the ropes there. J and I have been very successfully at creating routines for Atticus. […]