The results are in. Congratulations to our new City Councillor, Bev Dubois, on a well-run and winning campaign. Congratulations as well to the other Ward 9 candidates, who all contributed to a vigorous and dynamic election.

Time to Vote

On Wednesday, I’ll be out with my volunteers, continuing to canvass the neighbourhoods in Ward 9 and encouraging people to get out and vote. If you’re still undecided, take a look at some of the information and blogposts here.

Rebuild our Playgrounds

It’s time for the City of Saskatoon to pay for new playgrounds. Many neighbourhoods in Ward 9 are facing the challenge of replacing outdated play structures in their parks and schoolyards. In Rosewood, the new schools will open next year without playgrounds. In Lakeridge, the community is now trying to fundraise for a second needed playground […]

Suburban Bike Lanes

In Ward 9 we have some of Saskatoon’s best parks and greenspaces. It’s common to find people walking, running, and biking through Wildwood Park or Crocus Park from sunrise to after sunset. And while the talk this election has been about those downtown bike lanes, many residents have told me about their desire to see […]

One Simple Trick to Meet New People

Run for elected office. It’s a surefire way to find your way to the doorsteps of thousands of homes, knocking on them, and then engaging in conversations with people who were hitherto strangers. I feel compelled to share a small sampling of the stories from people’s lives that I’ve been privileged to get to hear. Today, […]