Dead Grits – Part Four

In my ongoing series about the decline of the Liberal Party in Saskatchewan, I will be looking at the performance of the federal Liberal party in Saskatchewan during the 2011 federal election. See my previous posts on this topics: Part One, Part Two, Part Three. Basically, I’m interested in the province-wide aggregate Liberal results, as […]

Dead Grits – Part Three

I’ve said a bit about the future of the Liberal Party in Saskatchewan at the provincial level in Part One, and the federal level in Part Two. This post examines the fallout from the recent by-election in Saskatoon Northwest. This was the second contest (out of four by-elections) the provincial Liberals have entered since the […]

Bill C-440 Defeated

UPDATED: The recorded votes are now available. Looks like Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff was one of those Liberals who had something better to do when Kennedy’s bill came to a vote. I find this significant because Harper remained for the vote. — Late this afternoon: news that the Bill C-440 was defeated. The bill was […]

Of Sheep & Wolves

Not long ago, before the 2007 Saskatchewan provincial election, there was a controversial political ad involving animals. But in what appears to be classic decision-by-committee, the ad was diluted and unfocused. The resulting mishmash unintentionally communicated a narrative that subverted – even countered – the NDP’s intended message. Perhaps the NDP felt the message would […]

Dead Grits – Part Two

An earlier post of mine discussed the collapse of the Saskatchewan Liberal Party vote in a recent by-election. My ultimate prediction was – and remains – a <5% popular vote for this party in the 2011 provincial election. Recent discussion at the federal level about a pre-election-coalition/merger between the NDP and Liberal party has sparked […]