Learning to Eat, Learning to Sleep

Here’s recent video clip of A eating from a bottle: He’s actually pretty good at it. Sleeping on the other hand needs some work. Apparently, there’s this whole “Four Month Sleep Regression” phenom. Here’s a pretty accurate description, from the Daily B: I’ve traveled in enough mom circles to know about this phenomenon called the […]

The Child or the Dog

If it’s not one, it’s the other. Lol. Regarding the messy expulsion of fluids that is. A had some immunization shots yesterday. We braced for a difficult night. But he wasn’t too bad actually. Instead, it was retching of Nigel the Puggle that awakened me at two in the morning. Poor dog. Something didn’t sit […]

The First Wedding

This weekend, J and I travelled north to Prince Albert National Park to attend a wedding. J has considerably fewer cousins than I and is correspondingly closer, geographically and otherwise, than I am with mine. This was her cousin Grant’s wedding and it was great. The ceremony and reception were held at Elkridge – a […]

The First Father’s Day

I realize I’ve been remiss in providing updates to Newdad. As you can imagine, there’s a lot going on right now. Well, here’s a recent photo of A. It’s about three seconds before he started crying, I think. So, yeah, he does look a little sad. But you can see how big he’s getting. J […]

The Happiest Baby?

Last night, J and I attended an iteration of The Happiest Baby Workshop. Some of you will know exactly what that means, and an image of a smiling Kevin-Kline-looking chap will pop into your head. I however, had no idea. My last minute google research turned up reference to a “fourth” trimester, which inevitably caused […]