New Dad Again

At the end of May, my second child – a girl named Beatrix – was born. Mother and baby (and A and I too, for that matter) are healthy and thriving. Already the pregnancy has faded from memory. The new normal feels like a forever-normal. The new baby fits our family perfectly, a missing piece […]


Little A has been growing up fast. Well, he *is* two now, after all. Going for a walk can mean exactly that: walking. Not pushing a baby stroller, or carrying a baby. Actual bipedal movement. Don’t get me wrong. He still wants to be carried sometimes, or pushed along in a stroller or trike. But […]

A Entertains

Friends hosted us for a cozy get together on New Year’s Eve. There was some conversation, food, wine and in a dim corner, an avant garde piano player plucked minimalistic improvisations late into the night.

A Year and A Christmas

Li’l A was too li’l back in 2010 to really understand this whole Christmas thing. And, he was still a bit too li’l in 2011 to get very excited about it. But he did pretty well with the unwrapping part: There was a lot of change over the past year. A year ago, Atticus couldn’t even crawl yet! […]

Fast, Furious & Frightening

Over the last few weeks, Atticus has been showing off new skills in quick succession. It all started with crawling. Now he’s pulling himself up on everything and crawling up stairs. I suppose this is a natural development, but it looks like Evel Knievel to me!