Keeping House

January flew by. We didn’t even notice the cold – but we enjoyed the chinook (or whatever) that rolled through here. I’ve been busy working on the household’s deferred maintenance – there’s a lot of it – and baby-proofing rooms. Installing a baby gate at the top of our entrance-way stairs, between a closet and […]

A New Routine

Change usually comes with a mixture of enthusiasm and discomfort. With J back at work, a new routine has emerged, differing quite a bit from the one we followed while I was working. For one, J is following different work hours, going in early and coming home early. This is working well to accommodate A’s […]

New Dad Begins Parental Leave

J went back to work yesterday – and I stayed at home. Having left my job, and embraced parental leave, I realize I have a few things to learn. The pace is different, for one. And by that it seems even busier than my job. I guess that’s because there are many, interconnected deadlines every […]


Today, Atticus put his toes in his mouth for the first time. It was pretty neat. He likes to see me when I get hone from work, recognizes our voices, and loves to play and laugh – just like all babies, I guess! And for Halloween, our little monkey was, well: a monkey!