Cold Spaghetti

Yes, I know I’ve completely ignored this blog for awhile now. There’s something about juggling jobs and parenting and household responsibilities that just eats up time, you know? Anyway, I spent a little while reviewing my blog entries here. I want to be clear that our child is hardly ever as clean as the previous […]

Crash! Bang! Wallop!

The rain is coming down hard this Thursday morning, puddles forming in the grass and expand steadily. The thunder claps nearby, loud and hard, rattling the glass in the windows, so that even Atticus, normally unmoved to comment upon unseen phenomena, stops his business, forms an “O” with his mouth, “ooooh”s, and points to the […]

Early mornings

I realize I haven’t posted in ages. Whoops. But being a new dad is a busy venture. I began a new job in April – I’m back at the University of Saskatchewan – and I’ve been very focused on learning the ropes there. J and I have been very successfully at creating routines for Atticus. […]

Fast, Furious & Frightening

Over the last few weeks, Atticus has been showing off new skills in quick succession. It all started with crawling. Now he’s pulling himself up on everything and crawling up stairs. I suppose this is a natural development, but it looks like Evel Knievel to me!