Travelling Through Time

Seeing birth and death so vividly portrayed and distilled into visceral narrative essences while I am still struggling with understanding the recent passing of my father and the imminent arrival of my first-born child left me feeling hopeless and lost in spite of my usual stoic resolution with the universe.

Weekend with the Nephews

What a weekend! Two very chatty young boys! A dog. A new place. Staying the weekend. And I had to work two day this weekend too! Is this parenting thing going to work?! No, I’m not complaining (besides, J handled most of it), it I guess I’m the type of guy who wades into fresh […]

Names and Pains

J hasn’t been feeling that great these days. Nauseous – but she hasn’t vomited – and loss of appetite. I’m a little worried that she isn’t eating enough, or at least enough different foods (she’s been inhaling soda crackers pretty fast). On the plus side, J and I are getting confident enough about this whole […]