At the Doorstep: One Dark Park

Tonight the sun set around 8:20pm. The sky is slightly overcast, so by 9:00pm Crocus Park was cloaked in darkness. Crocus Park does not have any lighting along its walkways. A number of people living adjacent to the park have told me that they avoid the park at night because it is too dark. Lakeridge Community […]

At the Doorstep: Parks and Playgrounds

We must renew our playgrounds and parks. Last week, the StarPhoenix reported on the stark level of deterioration of the City’s playground structures:  44% are deemed to be in poor or very poor condition. Moreover, 57% of our park’s asphalt paths and irrigation systems are in poor or very poor condition. These statistics come from a new City of […]

At the Doorstep: School Zones

Last night, I met Cam and Debbie, long-time residents of Wildwood, and spoke with them for quite awhile about a variety of issues. They mentioned to me something I’ve heard from other residents in other Ward 9 neighbourhoods: “Why shouldn’t school zones be in effect year-round?” It’s a good question. Other cities have done just that. […]

My Plan

Overview: • Prudent financial management • Prioritize road repair and maintenance • Revitalize greenspaces and playgrounds • Responsive snow clearance • Keep property-tax increases low • Ensure strong community policing • Commit to responsive and accountable representation • Support open-data initiatives • Help our many senior citizens • Improve transportation options Prudent Financial Management & Taxes Saskatoon has an excellent financial track record […]

Robin Mowat Launches Campaign to run for City Council, Ward 9

Today, Robin Mowat announced that he would be seeking the position of City Councillor for Ward 9. Robin is a long-time Wildwood resident, he was a reservist in the Canadian Forces for more than 20 years, and has served on a number of community and non-profit organizations, as well as the City of Saskatoon’s Board […]