Suburban Bike Lanes

In Ward 9 we have some of Saskatoon’s best parks and greenspaces. It’s common to find people walking, running, and biking through Wildwood Park or Crocus Park from sunrise to after sunset. And while the talk this election has been about those downtown bike lanes, many residents have told me about their desire to see some expansion to the walkways and bike paths in our part of the city.

Looking South along the existing path, from near Taylor Street.

One immediate opportunity before us is to simply expand the existing multi-use path running from Taylor street south along Circle Drive, between the new sound wall and the houses. This path currently tapers off around Delaronde Road, but there continues a more informal path all the way along the edge of Circle Drive and then eastward along Highway 16 to Boychuk Drive.

This no-man’s-land between houses and freeway is commonly used by local residents, including high-school students heading Westward to Holy Cross and Walter Murray. It is already a naturally protected route for cyclists and pedestrians. The route can be improved by the addition of an asphalt walkway/bikepath and maintained as an official city greenspace. Moreover, there are easy connections to the neighbourhood parks, including Rosewood’s Hyde Park.

new-walkway-bikelaneMany residents in Lakeview and Lakeridge have mentioned this idea to me, and it is present in Saskatoon’s newly approved Active Transportation Plan (pdf), and it is included in a proposed All Ages and Abilities Network. This plan was approved in June 2016, and work has begun on a city-wide five-year action plan.

This is just one example of how we can make our neighbourhoods more accessible for everyone.

There is room for more pedestrian and cycling paths in the city land alongside Circle Drive, Highway 16, and Boychuk Drive

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