A Brief Reflection

One month from today, citizens across Saskatoon will be voting.

For my family and I, the last three months of campaigning have been very rewarding. After hours of door-knocking, tidying the house, and getting the kids to bed, Janelle and I have had a few moments to reflect on just how much of a privilege it has been. Residents have gladly opened their homes to me and my team, confided in us their concerns about their community, and shared with us their hopes too. I know that such an opportunity, such a responsibility, is not always available to everyone in our community. It is an honour just to have the chance to put forth my ideas.img_5652

I’m often asked about my roots in this community.

Janelle and I have called Wildwood home since 2002. We moved into our first apartment on Tait Crescent in 2002. We bought our first condo, just around the corner from that apartment: a third-floor unit overlooking McKercher Drive. And the first townhouse we owned was just down the street on Heritage Crescent – that’s the house we brought our first child home to. He went down his first slide in the small park beside the BMX track by the Lakewood Civic Centre. He had his very first ice cream cone at the little Chardon Ice Cream shop at the end of McKercher in Lakeview.  Our kids first learned to swim on their own in the Lakewood pool, and at the Cliff Wright Library they devour the books in the children’s section.

img_5466When I think of this community, I think about how my family has grown, and thrived, and sometimes struggled, and endured, and succeeded.

I think about how many important events in your life have happened here. How your family grows and thrives, endures, and succeeds.

I think about all the people living out their life stories here. In this place. In our home, Saskatoon.

Tonight, there’s also a landmark in the United States presidential election, as Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump take the stage for their first debate. The breakdown of political civility in the US election has, to some extent, haunted our civic election. Whatever the impulses or issues that pull us apart from one another, we must consciously remember the commonalities that must always, in the final assessment, unite us: we are neighbours, and by choice or otherwise we live with each other.

2 thoughts on “A Brief Reflection

  1. Hi
    I am interested in learning more about your thoughts on how you will support different transportation options in saskatoon


    1. Hi Kent – Thank-you for your question.

      I’m eager to work with residents, community groups, and my fellow Councillors on how we can improvement the full range of transportation options. First, there are significant improvements yet to be made to the condition of roads in the city, as well as key traffic infrastructure in Ward 9 (specifically, the Highway-16/Boychuk exchange). Second, Ward 9 has aging sidewalks that need attention – especially in areas with a large population of retirees and senior citizens, like the area around Market Mall. Third, recent changes to the bus routes have negatively impacted the commutes of many in areas like Lakeridge and Lakeview – we need to help Saskatoon Transit make public transportation a viable alternative to cars for people in our suburbs. Finally, I would like to see more better bicycle routes from Ward 9 to more central areas of Saskatoon, such as the University of Saskatchewan.

      I’d love to discuss this matter further with you, if you like. Send me an email: robin@robinmowat.ca



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