At the Doorstep: Parks and Playgrounds

We must renew our playgrounds and parks.

Last week, the StarPhoenix reported on the stark level of deterioration of the City’s playground structures:  44% are deemed to be in poor or very poor condition. Moreover, 57% of our park’s asphalt paths and irrigation systems are in poor or very poor condition.

These statistics come from a new City of IMG_5414Saskatoon report and plan, Building Better Parks, and will not surprise residents in many neighbourhoods in Ward 9. I’ve heard from many people who want to see improvements in our parks.

The current value of these existing park assets is over $85M, and yet we are currently allocating only about half the amount needed to restore and maintain them properly.

The plan is an introductory, high-level review of the situation. It was discussed today at the Standing Policy Committee on Planning, Development and Community Services. Councillor Paulsen advocated trying to address this maintenance deficit immediately, and I agree with her.

It will take us years to fully restore our parks and playgrounds, but we must begin that work right away.

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