New Dad Again

At the end of May, my second child – a girl named Beatrix – was born. Mother and baby (and A and I too, for that matter) are healthy and thriving. Already the pregnancy has faded from memory. The new normal feels like a forever-normal. The new baby fits our family perfectly, a missing piece finally found and slotted into place.

The experience of being the dad of new baby feels more comfortable this time around. That’s as it should be. The crippling anxieties have not reappeared. Finding our way – the feeding, the sleeping, all the routines and strategies – are easy. Or so it seems.

This time I took time off work to be home with J for the first two months. If you can manage this, I highly recommend it. It’s made everything relaxed and enjoyable. Well, there is still the normal stresses of running a household with children, but it has freed all of us from strict daily timelines and it’s allowed me to spend extra time with Ace – an important effort when there is a new baby.

Now that Baby B is here, she’s growing fast. Time passes quicker than I realize. It’s important to soak-in the little moments. Baby B won’t be a baby for very long.

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