SKVotes 2011

I spent ten hours at a poll yesterday, under the ‘radio silence’ required by law. The vote counting took awhile, and when I stepped outside, flipped on my phone, and searched for the election results I was pretty stunned. Not because the SaskParty won and the NDP lost, but because of where the SaskParty won and by how much, and by how much the NDP lost.

I’ve spent my lunch hour reviewing some numbers and making comparisons. Let me share some tidbits:

  • 42,000 people who voted NDP in 2007, chose not to do that again in 2011.
  • SaskParty received 23,000 more votes this election than in 2007. Former NDP voters? Liberal votes? New voters?
  • Liberal party also lost 40,000 votes – or 95% of their 2007 support. Unsurprisingly when you don’t run candidates.
  • The CCF/NDP has never received fewer than 150,000 votes in a Saskatchewan election – except in 1938…and 2011.
  • SaskParty received more than 250,000 votes in #skvotes. Other parties got at least that much in 1952 (NDP: 291,000), 1960, 1964, and 1991.
  • So historic lows numbers of NDP votes, combined with a very high (fifth highest, I think) total votes for a winning party, equals Brad Wall’s record-breaking winning margin and popular vote tallies.

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