Early mornings

I realize I haven’t posted in ages. Whoops. But being a new dad is a busy venture. I began a new job in April – I’m back at the University of Saskatchewan – and I’ve been very focused on learning the ropes there.

J and I have been very successfully at creating routines for Atticus. The bedtime ritual has been pretty constant for at least six months now. Whether or not Atticus is happy to participate in this routine is another story. This will come as no surprise to parents.

This morning A was up at 4am, and gave no serious consideration to J’s repeated entreaties to go back to sleep. And so his day began. My great wife let me sleep another 3 hours and then requested a shift change, which is only fair.

So now Atticus and I are in the kitchen. I’m making baked salsa eggs and he’s chewing on a wooden spoon.

I cannot but attribute his early morning rising (and there have been a few of them this past week) to the arrival of more teeth. He’s been cranky to various degrees for weeks now – so I’m happy to see some result.

Hopefully this little boy will have a nap soon!


2 thoughts on “Early mornings

  1. Love hearing about your adventures in parenting! Enjoy! And one helpful tidbit- try Hyland’s Teething Tablets. You can get them at Sangsters. We swore by them, as did many of our friends! 🙂


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