Dead Grits – Federal Election Edition – Part Two

After reading some interesting information about party performances over at Pundits Guide, I thought I’d make a short addendum to my brief analysis of the performance of the Liberals in Saskatchewan.

As Alice Funke describes, this was a tremendous showing for NDP candidates surpassing the 10% rebate requirement*, with over 300 NDP candidates getting at least 10% of the vote in their riding and making them eligible for an Elections Canada refund. All the more impress since in 2004, less than 200 NDP candidates achieved this mark (the rebate rules were lowered from 15% to 10% in 2004). On the other hand, this increase was at the expense of the Liberals, with only 217 candidates qualifying for the rebate – down 53 since 2008.

How did this look in Saskatchewan?

In 2008, 9 Liberal candidates (out of 14) qualified for the rebate. But this year just Ralph Goodale was able to crack the 10% mark.

I don’t know how much these candidates spent on their election campaign. But not cracking the 10% mark will affect the party’s war chest. Nationwide, the Liberals lost just about 850,000 votes this year, which I believe will reduce their  per-vote subsidy by about $1.5 million. Perhaps the greatest challenge the next Liberal leader will have is rebuilding the party with less funding than before.

* “A candidate who is elected or receives at least 10% of the valid votes cast at the election is entitled to a reimbursement of 60% of the actual paid election expenses and the paid personal expenses, to a maximum of 60% of the election expenses limit.” – Elections Canada

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