Keeping House

January flew by. We didn’t even notice the cold – but we enjoyed the chinook (or whatever) that rolled through here. I’ve been busy working on the household’s deferred maintenance – there’s a lot of it – and baby-proofing rooms.

Installing a baby gate at the top of our entrance-way stairs, between a closet and a banister, proved to be a frustrating, but ultimately successful, affair. The gate has an annoying alarm to alert you if you’ve left the gate open. We turned it off on the first night and haven’t yet turned it back on! I suppose I’d better do it, just in case.

Next on the list of things to tackle is a recaulking of the shower. The previous owners of our place did a bunch of renovations. Superficially these are very nice. Nuff said.

Here’s a pic of Lil A enjoying the bathtub before I pulled the caulking out.

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