A New Routine

Change usually comes with a mixture of enthusiasm and discomfort. With J back at work, a new routine has emerged, differing quite a bit from the one we followed while I was working. For one, J is following different work hours, going in early and coming home early. This is working well to accommodate A’s eating schedule and – so far – is limiting night feedings.

Another key part of the new routine is that A is attending daycare on a more full-time basis, with three long days and a short one. I realize that most folks home on parental leave remove their kids from daycare, but we have found a great spot and don’t want to lose it. More importantly, I feel the social interaction A gets from engaging with other kids has bad a positive impact on his development.

But a new routine is bound to have a few snags, where timings don’t work out properly. So I find myself with a sleeping boy in the backseat; he needs a very good nap, but I’m unable to get the errands I had planned for us completed.

Oh well. He looks too cute to wake:

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