New Dad Begins Parental Leave

J went back to work yesterday – and I stayed at home. Having left my job, and embraced parental leave, I realize I have a few things to learn.

The pace is different, for one. And by that it seems even busier than my job. I guess that’s because there are many, interconnected deadlines every day. Getting supper prepared and served at the same time as feeding A is a tricky act (it worked last night – barely), or grocery shopping with my 25-pound son. Then there is the myriad of tasks to do: they’ve been piling up since December, due to Xmas and illness.

To deal with this, we’ve turned again to our trusty iPhones and I particular a new App: HoneyDo. This one allows J and I to create a shared to-do list and to complete the items in real time. So far it is pretty cool.

More to come in the ongoing adventures of New Dad.

One thought on “New Dad Begins Parental Leave

  1. Good to hear you’re still alive! Sounds like life is rockin’ your socks off!

    Maybe you should input into your doowiggy to stop by for a tuesday night sometime.

    Stay fit, and have fun!

    Johann R.


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