The Worrying

I’d figured the worrying had gone away, more or less. Originally, I’d begun worrying pretty much the moment A was born. The worrying was mostly about how to keep him alive. How to not let him get too cold/hot. How to feed him enough. How prevent him from falling or from things falling on him. Clothing, blankets, bottles and wraps all constituted a potential danger.

Gladly, I grew out of that as A grew himself.

But then he got a cold.

Sick lil AAnd he had problems sleeping because he wasn’t used to breathing through his mouth when his nose got plugged up.

Then he got an eye infection too.

And so he was rubbing his eyes and rubbing his ears.

And I couldn’t do much except worry.

But now he is mostly over all of this.

But now he is also moving around a lot more, sitting and rolling (although no crawling yet) and sticking toys in his mouth. Now I’m reassessing the dangers of everything. In short, our house is a deathtrap. Okay, well, maybe not a deathtrap, but certainly there are lots of things left to make baby-safe.

Of course, he’s eating food now, too. So there is the constant danger of choking.

But now I’m reading about all the potential toys out there packed full of lead or something called “phthalates” (which looks ominously like a Lovecraftian word).

And thus the worrying has spun itself up again. So I need to come up with some coping mechanisms.

I think I found one.

And basically it comes down to this new rule: please don’t give my kid any toys/food/germs.

We cool?

3 thoughts on “The Worrying

  1. Not to add to your parental neuroses, but as I understand it, the worrying never stops. The coping strategy, I think, is to trust your own parenting skills and abilities. Mind you, I am not a parent, but I recently have had a conversation with my own mother about how she was worried about me just last week. She told me that she is always worrying about something in regards to her children, but that she has learned to deal with the worry by knowing that she can do, and will do, her best as a parent.

    Anyway, I thought I would drop in and say a rather long-winded hello.




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