Learning to Eat, Learning to Sleep

Here’s recent video clip of A eating from a bottle:

He’s actually pretty good at it.

Sleeping on the other hand needs some work. Apparently, there’s this whole “Four Month Sleep Regression” phenom.

Here’s a pretty accurate description, from the Daily B:

I’ve traveled in enough mom circles to know about this phenomenon called the 4-month sleep regression. Something about how round-about 4 months old, babies leave their newborn deep-sleep patterns behind and enter a more adult-like sleep cycle of light sleep followed by deep sleep, REM, or whatever.

So, you nurse your little bub to sleep, or rock him to sleep, and lay him down thinking he’s asleep, but really he’s only barely asleep. And his little eyes flutter open and he looks around and he’s like “WHOA, now where did that nipple go?!” And he cries. Because his world has essentially been turned upside down. In his mind, you might as well have swaddled him in a ratty blanket and left him out on the front stoop.

So yeah. That pretty much describes Atticus these days.

Sleepy A

A much more thorough examination of the “fourth-month sleep regression” is offered up at Ask Moxie, here’s an excerpt:

I actually think regression is a complete misnomer for several reasons. First, it implies that babies’ sleep progresses in a linear fashion, with better sleep each week until the fateful day at which they sleep all the way through every single night. To put it mildly, that isn’t true. Secondly, it indicates that it’s a negative trend, when in reality it’s just a reaction to things cooking on other levels.

I think the reason the “4-month sleep regression” is such a big deal is that babies wake up a lot in the few weeks it takes while they’re working on the 19-week spurt, and then once they’ve gone through that spurt they only have a week or two (if that) of respite before they start prepping for the 26-week spurt. So it’s kind of one long stretch of bad sleep and cranky moods during that stage of your baby’s life.

So many different books and blogs, so many different opinions.

If you read this whole post in order to find my insightful conclusions here at the bottom, I’m sorry to disappoint: I have none. We’re just going to try and manage the best we can given the mish mash of differing opinions on sleep theory that we have.

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