The First Wedding

This weekend, J and I travelled north to Prince Albert National Park to attend a wedding. J has considerably fewer cousins than I and is correspondingly closer, geographically and otherwise, than I am with mine. This was her cousin Grant’s wedding and it was great.

The ceremony and reception were held at Elkridge – a golf resort. I always forget the beauty of this part of Saskatchewan: treed and wild. Wild also describes lil Atticus these days. Sleepless and wild.

So J and I considered the journey with trepidation. But perhaps we needn’t. Sure, A was a bit unruly. Both J and I missed much of the celebration for one reason or another. And we were tired. Oh, and we forgot a whole suitcase of A’s things (diapers, clothes). So, this wasn’t a vacation without a few bumps.

In the end, however, it was great to be with the family: all of it. And we might not have experienced the entire wedding, but we experienced our own special moments. We are building our own story. One day we’ll be at A’s wedding day – we won’t miss anything on that day!

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