The First Father’s Day

Not really impressed.

I realize I’ve been remiss in providing updates to Newdad. As you can imagine, there’s a lot going on right now.

Well, here’s a recent photo of A. It’s about three seconds before he started crying, I think. So, yeah, he does look a little sad.

But you can see how big he’s getting. J is having him weighed tomorrow, and I’m expecting 14lbs or so. At least, that’s what my sore muscles are telling me.

For my first Father’s Day as a father, I spent a great weekend with J & A. My mother watched A on Saturday night, so J could surprise me with a trip to the horse races! J’s winnings more-or-less equaled my losses. And we had a great time. And Sunday was a great day (one of the first in Saskatoon this summer) for working in the yard, as well as strolling through the huge park nearby.

Little A received some Riders’ attire – and I received a Riders Jersey: just in time for the start of the season!

So that’s a quick update.

Stay tuned.

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