Creative Fire

My awesome business card!

When I sleep I see words. Big words. Little words. Entire phrases like: “total shareholder return is the amount investors receive in capital gains and dividends.” Or even whole one-sentence paragraphs: “the material risk factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from the forward-looking information and statements contained herein and the material risk factors or assumptions that were used to develop them include, without limitation: our assumptions regarding production levels, sales volumes…” (That makes perfect, if long-winded, sense by the way). And last night I was even editing and recomposing the sentences I was speaking as I was speaking (which is not, by the way, effective communication, just ask J).

I started my new job at Creative Fire two weeks ago. This is a particularly busy time of year, with multiple annual reports nearing their deadlines and a myriad of other projects somehow occurring simultaneously. It is a bit mysterious in an awe inspiring sort of way. And I’ve jumped right into the thick of things. It has been awhile since my composition and correction skills have been so thoroughly exercised, and I feel a bit like I’m drinking from a fire hose, but I’m thrilled to be a part of it. Oh, and it hasn’t been all net earnings and disclaimers (that’s just the fun stuff!), there is a somewhat surprising range of production going on that draws on the breadth of my writing skills.

My Desk – I’m a Mac!

It is a vibrant place. Plus, the coffee is fantastic: it comes from a Starbucks machine that grinds fresh beans, brews, and pours right before your eyes (I didn’t get a picture of our machine, but it looks like this). And yesterday a great lunch from Souleio was provided for all the staff.

And while I’ve been adding to the overall effort where I can, I’m also learning the ropes. For instance, I’m back to working on a Mac for the first time in eight years. That’s not a huge issue, since it is pretty intuitive if you know even a little about Macs. I’m actually enjoying the Magic Mouse quite a bit (Apple creates great products with a quasi-futuristic feel to them). I’ve also been given access to – one of the things that I felt I might miss from the U of S.

Anyway, these are just little extras – but for me they matter, and I’m immensely enjoying them.

And I think it works. I mean, I think it helps the staff feel engaged, appreciated, and creative. I know I feel like my brain is on fire. I mean that in a good way!

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