New Year & New Job

My job as a Communications Coordinator at the University of Saskatchewan officially comes to an end in two weeks. But my last day at work will be this Wednesday.

Wow! A new baby, a new job. Things are certainly getting a big shakeup this year.

I’m going to miss lots of things about working at the U of S – mostly the great colleagues I met in my department. They’re a great gang.

But I’m also excited about the move to a new job in a new company.

The company is a Saskatoon-based corporate communications and marketing firm called Creative Fire. And everyone I tell about the move says something positive about this company. They have a great reputation.

I hadn’t planned on making this move – it was certainly not something I’d decided to squeeze in between my December schedule of house renovations and Christmas shopping. But the opportunity came along thanks to a good friend’s introduction.

Meeting with the folks at Creative Fire was a blast. The office exudes energy and verve. I’m pretty pumped about getting started.

No, this change wasn’t in J’s and mine grand plan, but as the old line goes:

The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men
Gang aft agley

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