TwentyTen & Tylenol Sinus

Happy New Year!

I was absorbed in offline seasonal activities for much of the past few weeks – as I hope you were too. But additionally I’ve spent much of 2010 in bed suffering from a cold with greater-than-average resiliency. And although I don’t usually put much faith in cold medicine, today I’ve finally given in and popped some Tylenol Sinus. I feel better. I can function, at least.Pills

When I’m sick, I’m the sort of sufferer who basically wants the world to go away while I curl up on the couch napping, catching the occasional cartoon rerun. This approach has served me well most of my life – even through six years of marriage. This time, however, with a very pregnant working wife, it wasn’t so cool. Not that J complained much, just that she has her hands full with everything else and can’t pick up any of my slack. Which got me to thinking about how I can possibly handle being sick and having a kid to take care of. And what if the kid was sick at the same time too?

You’ll all agree that this scenario simply cannot work and therefore you’ll support the course of action upon which I’ve decided: I will simply not to get sick again for about 10 years. I’ll need lots of vitamin C and hand sanitizer.

My tongue is only partially in my cheek. It is beginning to hit home that I cannot afford to run my life in the manner to which I’ve become very comfortable. That is to say that in the past I could easily afford risking a cold or a broken ankle or whatever, because it didn’t really affect anyone’s life if I were bedridden – other than me. Even being married didn’t change that very much – sorry J, but you can look out for yourself if I’m ill, our kid isn’t going to be able to for a long while.

And, sure, J will be there to help out (lots), but things are going to change.

But in other baby-related news…

We had 25 voters participate in our baby-naming poll. The votes were very close, with no clear winner. And since we’ve found out that we are having a boy, we’ve gone back and reconsidered our name ideas. We are still happy with them, but we are also adding two new names for consideration. So if you’d like to have your say on the new names, visit the new poll.

Many of you will be aware of a greater naming challenge: the Last Name. As many of you know, J and I both kept our original last names when we married. We have been very happy with that decision, but this doesn’t give us any easy answers for what our children’s last names should be. But more on that later.

image courtesy of flickr’s creative commons and destinysagent

4 thoughts on “TwentyTen & Tylenol Sinus

  1. I will care for you when you are ill Robin. I have many, many, many – many! – medications.

    I will only vote for Atticus is his nickname is Ace!


  2. Robin
    I hate to tell you but children are germ magnets as they develop an immune system. You may find that tyelnol sinus becomes your friend sometimes. The good news is when you and your child are sick you can watch cartoons together and you will find out what is new in the cartoon world.
    You are definitely on the right track thinking that your life is about to change. The changes will be big and once you adapt you will not want your old life back.
    I am getting excited for you and Janelle both. I often wish I could be back in the days of sleep deprivation and diapers. It really was the best time in my life! Just wait until holidays like Halloween and Christmas……let the good times roll.
    Aunt Chris


  3. re: last name dilemma

    You guys could always do what Jerry and I did — he took my last name. Lemme tell you, that REALLY won over me over to my in-laws. <- sarcasm

    But, it worked for us. We tried the whole hyphen or combination of names thing, but we decided on my last name in the end. Good luck!


  4. Your last name is pretty cool, Becky. I’m not sure J’s or mine meets the benchmark there. In any case, I think we’ve talked ourselves out of either of us taking the other’s last name.



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