J and I have a propensity to bite off more than we can chew. I’m speaking specifically about overly-optimistic and intricately entwined project time-lines. Each step in our projects must begin a specific time regardless of the status of the previous step – and yet the previous step must be completed before the next step can be complete. It’s a house of cards, really.

J would like to think this is related to my tendency to wait until the last minute to complete things (but, pray tell, what else is a deadline for?). But I prefer to blame my child-like naïveté (what’s a mitre saw?) regarding hammer-and-saw-type projects. Once I do it once, I tend to do it much better the second time.

Mitre Saw
Mitre Saw?

This particular project/disaster spins outward from an essentially simple project: the installation of hardwoods in the baby’s room, our bedroom, a hallway, and a few stairs. We’re not even installing this hardwood – we are paying people to do it for us.

But it is not so simple, of course, since we are living in this space at the moment. So there is furniture – beds, bookcases – that need to be moved into the barely-big-enough kitchen and living room (already stacked with boxes of to-be-installed bamboo flooring). There are carpets and underlay to be removed. Baseboards too. All of this comes with nails and staples galore that must also be pried out of their wooden resting places. Walls to be painted. Baseboards to be purchased, transported, painted, cut, installed. All of this and more: our previously installed custom closets need to be removed and subsequently reinstalled, for instance.

“Renos” is both a curse-word and a Christmas tradition for J and I.

Before we moved into our first condo together – the first place we actually owned – we needed to do much the same. I spent countless hours pulling staples from the floor, ripping baseboards and casing from the walls, and generally gutting the place at a rushed pace to ensure that it was barren before the flooring guys came in to start making it better. All this was a few years ago in December, just days before J and I were bound to hop on a plane for Christmas in England.

The snow and the frigid cold and Christmas carols and the %*&@ing renos…yes, it must be the Holidays again.

Happy Christmas everyone!

You Would Never Survive the Winters in this Province – Maybe Smith

PS – the to-be-finished-today flooring already looks awesome. The baby’s room has been painted green and yellow. And J might have already purchased a crib this morning. So it is working out perfectly (just as I planned!).

(Image courtesy of and Flickr’s Creative Commons)

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