Eating for Two

In the last forty-eight hours I’ve consumed four doughnuts and about six bowls of ice-cream. This isn’t all that I’ve eaten in the last two days. I’ve eaten much more. Lots of bread. Some perogies. Half-a-bottle of non-alcoholic, but plenty sugary, champagne. I can go on, but I’ll spare you. Suffice it to say that this is an approach to nutrition I’ve been pursuing for many months, with predictable results.

DoughnutsThere was a time when I could not gain weight. I was nineteen and I weighed about 145lbs. I was six feet tall. Looking back, I can see that I was burning so many calories a day that I could afford to eat and drink whatever I wanted. I was working full-time in the military and I threw myself into PT (physical training) every morning with gusto. I tried to bulk up by following my Dozen-Dozen Diet™ – that’s a dozen beer and a dozen doughnuts a day.

I didn’t bulk up.

Oh, the wasted days of youth.

You can guess that the time when I could not gain weight has long since ended. My height, sadly, has not increased with my weight. I’ve bulked up, to be sure. Just perhaps not in the athletic locations.

Now, there are many reasons to be healthy and fit. I have many reasons. Not the least of which is that I am still in the army, and being out of shape is a definite no-no there. But at my rank level there is no one looking over my shoulder or telling me to pump off a few more pushups. No, that motivation must come from within. I am supposed to be a good example for younger soldiers. And for me that train of thought carries over to my new responsibilities of fatherhood. I need to set a good example. I am responsible for the eating and fitness habits of my child.

And that’s a good reason to start doing something about it now.

Moreover, I’ve been told that raising a kid can be stressful – from sleepless nights, to money concerns, it will take a toll on you mentally and physically. A healthy and fit body can endure stress better.

So I’ve decided that I need to recapture the gusto of that nineteen-year-old self. Get back into a physical fitness regime. Frankly, there is no excuse not to (I work fifty metres away from a gym! And I live a hundred metres away from another gym).

I have under 20 weeks left before this baby is born.

Time to eat better  and  get fit.

I know I have your support.

So please stop bringing me doughnuts.

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