Halfway to Our Goal

(Not J’s Belly)

This week marks the half-way point in J’s pregnancy. This is starting to seem like serious business.

Both J and I are firmly in the Want-to-Know-the-Gender Camp. On Friday, if all goes well, we will know whether our baby-to-be is a boy or a girl.

J is reporting today that she thinks she can feel the baby moving.

She also reports (reading from Whattoexpect.com) that our baby is the size of a banana. That cracks me up. Bananas always crack me up. They are funny looking and the word “banana” looks and sounds funny.


Anyway. Whether it is Banana-boy or Banana-girl we hope to find out later this week. And when we do, I’ll reorient our name search as appropriate.

At the moment, if we have a boy I’m particularly enamoured with “Fox”. I first thought about this name as a first name after recently seeing some information about Terry Fox. But it was quickly pointed out to me that Fox Mulder, from the X-Files, was probably the  subconscious inspiration. It is a little odd, I know. But at least it is not a made up name. “Fox” has a long history as both a surname and a first name.

Running through the “Baby Name Advisor” based on J’s and my names suggests Denisse for a girl and Marquise for a boy. These names make no sense. I figure Fox has Marquise beat out by a mile. There was 1 boy named Fox born in Alberta last year. Marquise, on the other hand, completely struck out (however, there was also 1 boy named Fisihatsion born in Alberta last year – what a name).

No, this isn’t a blog devoted entirely to names.

Renovations to our lives continue: looks like we will be able to install some new hardwood (bamboo!) in part of the house. I particularly wanted the baby’s room to have hardwood and not carpet. The installation is scheduled for mid-Decemberish. And before it gets installed, I’m going to paint the room. To do that we need to pick colours for the baby’s bedding. Or so I’m told. I’m not particularly keen on colouring the baby’s walls based on whatever sex it comes out as. So on one hand I’d be fine with, oh, say pink and brown bedding – even for a boy. On the other hand, I am simply not a fan of pink.

So, yes, you can see that even the minutiae of paint assumes monumental importance to us soon-to-be-first-time parents.

Anyway: banana.

2 thoughts on “Halfway to Our Goal

  1. Ha ha! I love how you are already becoming slightly weird, even before parenthood really hits. Or maybe you’ve always been that way. But it strikes me that you’re just becoming a typical parent.

    On the banana note, in Spanish banana is banano. Ie. with the masculine, rather than the feminine ending. This makes sense to me. Oh, but since you are not waiting to find out the gender, I want to put in my prediction now and not right before the baby is due. I think you are having a girl banana.


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