Ten Days to 100% Publicity

So over the past few months, we have been slowly telling people. But the circle of conspiracy surrounding this pregnancy is about to blow wide open – a week from Monday, J will be fully informing her staff. After that, I’ll be publicly announcing the news on Facebook & via other media.

I’m looking forward to this – so many people already know, it’ll be nice to have it fully public. I’m also delighted that we’ve been able to keep the lid on this for so long.

Suddenly, at the end of this week, J is starting to show. This is causing her to fret a bit, since she still has a week or so to get through before informing her troops. But it makes me happy: it makes the whole abstract concept of fatherhood a little more real.

One thought on “Ten Days to 100% Publicity

  1. She should always be seen with an empty chocolate bar wrapper in her hand. Misdirection!

    I am just proud I haven’t slipped up!


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