Sonogram One

In just over an hour, J and I will be nervously waiting while a technician waves a transducer across her jelly-covered belly. That is: it is time for our first ultrasound.

We are more than a little nervous, since J’s first meeting with her obstetrician did not result in the confirmation of a heart beat. But that was a couple of weeks ago. Now 11 weeks in, we should be able to get some sort of results today.

UPDATE: Everything is fine and on track. Heartbeat was about 165 bpm. And the little guy/girl was moving around. It was pretty neat.

For a moment there was a concern(?) that there were twins. Apparently there is a tendon or something in women that can cause the ultrasound to return false mirrored images. But upon closer look it was very clear that there was only one.

2 thoughts on “Sonogram One

  1. Only 1? You know my mother was a twin and she had twin siblings. Also her grandmother had 2 sets of twins and a set of triplets (this was way before IVF!). Glad to hear everything is going well.


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