Names and Pains

J hasn’t been feeling that great these days. Nauseous – but she hasn’t vomited – and loss of appetite. I’m a little worried that she isn’t eating enough, or at least enough different foods (she’s been inhaling soda crackers pretty fast).

soda crackers: yum

On the plus side, J and I are getting confident enough about this whole pregnancy thing to discuss possible names. Like many people, no doubt, we had an existing shortlist of favourite names. In particular, J likes the names Olivia and Sophie (girls) and Nathaniel and Henry (boys). This all seemed to make sense before we were pregnant. Now, however, the names are ever-less abstract and ever-more personal. Will these names suit our child?

And because things weren’t difficult enough already, J and I have different last names and thus need to make some big decisions about the child’s *last* name also. J’s point-of-view to date has been to give the child my last name as his/her last name, and give the child J’s last name as a middle name. I’m not convinced. And because I often go my own way, I’m advocating a completely new last name for our children.

We’ll see how this goes.

3 thoughts on “Names and Pains

  1. Hope for a boy. Hutchinson Mowat: Haberdasher to the stars or easily shortened to Hutch Mowat: middle-weight boxing champ of the world!


  2. Don’t woory about what Janelle eats right now. Your child is the size of a kidney bean and doesn’t need much. Just wait until baby really grows during the middle trimester.
    Thought I would tell you of a Phillapina tradition. When a woman is pregnant it is very important her food cravings are satisfied. It is the responsibility of her partner to see she gets what she craves even if you must walk to the next village 20 miles away or more. Good luck with that Robin


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