Telling others

I think I’m rather securely in the camp of people who believe you should wait until after the twelve week mark before telling people about the pregnancy (this blog notwithstanding).

This gets a little tricky if you and your wife are known for frequently enjoying a good glass of wine, or two, or more. Especially when it comes time to socialize with your friends.

Thus the dilemma.

And thus, apparently because of a miscommunication, the source of the first post p-day spat between my wife and I.


This upcoming Saturday is scheduled to be the (more-or-less) annual sangria indulge-a-thon (which sounds better than “drunkfest”). Our renowned homemade sangria consists almost entirely of red wine and rum. But it is so tasty, so unalcoholic, that the imbiber normally consumes the first glass in under a minute, and in under thirty minutes of casual sipping has just, unbeknownst to them, written off the rest of the day/night to a rather joyful stupor.

So you can see how my wife with be entirely abstaining for the aforementioned sangria. And how rather out of step that will place her with those who are partaking. Indeed, since the raison d’etre of the event is to drink the sangria, it will raise undeniable suspicions and unavoidable comments about her “condition.”

And thus the disagreement.

Apparently she didn’t think that it was evident that we needed to tell our friends something before they showed up on Saturday. Whereas I thought it was.

In the end, we agreed and she sent a text to our friend informing him that she wouldn’t be drinking. As of yet, there’s been no response. Which pretty much means he’s figured out that she is pregnant.

Now what?

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