Now what?

It has been two days.

Yesterday – Saturday – we attended a wedding for one of J’s staff. It was a mixed Buddhist-Lutheran service, outside on the terrace of the Bessborough Hotel. It was a rather hot day in Saskatoon: somewhere around 30 degrees celsius (maybe more). But on the terrace there was a breeze, so it was just fine.

Of course, J and I were rather preoccupied. But I figure people gathered our dazed looks were due to the heat and not our tired and dazed minds.

I picked up the major book for expectant fathers, Armin Brott’s the Expectant Father, and so I’ve started to make my way through it. I notice already, however, that there is no philosophical ponderings on what it means to be a father, why anyone might want to become one, or how to reconcile the new role/title of “father” with every other way the reader has previously defined himself. Not that I expected such whimsy, but so little seems to be about the father and so much about how the father can help the mother. Which is fine.

I guess I’ll have to work my way through the “father” title myself.

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